As I am sure most of you are aware, a split has happened within the Tradition and within its body of initiates.

We have done this, not to wage war on certain people, nor to cause strife within the Tradition.

We have done this, because what is known as public Feri, at this time no longer reflects our ethics and principles. It has become something we don't recognise as our Tradition anymore. 

We felt, in order to make this clear, that we should dissociate from public Feri. To illustrate this, some of us have gone back to the older usage of the name Faery or Faerie.

We have not caused this split; we have merely acknowledged its existence. This split has been fermenting in the Hearts of initiates for a long time. Over 30+ years, initiates have been protesting the gradually growing public face of Feri. Their outrage, their indignation and their sadness have been largely ignored by those who would make Feri more public.

We have been portrayed as conservative, secretive, pitchfork wielding zealots. What we truly aim for, however, is to preserve Faery as something that is very near and dear to the majority of its initiates.

Faery is a lifelong Path, walked with dedication to its Deities, its lore and the community of initiates.

It is not for public consumption.

It is not a Self help course.

It cannot be learned in a weekend workshop.

Why then, I hear you ask, do we create websites? Isnít that going against our principles?

To me, this website, and others like it, serve as placeholders that there is another way of walking this Path.

That paying tuition is not the only way to learn.

That reading email isnít the only way to learn.

That going to a camp isnít the only way to learn.

That teaching Faery long distance should be the exception, not the rule.

That Faery should not be anyone's bread and butter, but the stuff dreams are made of.


These websites serve as reminders.

That Faery can and should be taught without money exchanged, around the kitchen table, by a campfire, in actual ritual space. Among family, kin and friends, striving towards being accepted into this family as a full member.


These websites serve as an antidote.


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